Gilbert's LLP Authors Canada Section of Lexology Patents 2022

Published on
April 25, 2022
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Gilbert's is proud to announce that partners Tim Gilbert, Kevin Siu, Paul Banwatt, Nisha Anand, and Zarya Cynader have authored the Canada section of Lexology GTDT's Patents 2022 guide.

The Patents 2022 guide enables side-by-side comparison of local insights into patent litigation and patent office procedures, including types of enforcement proceedings; trial format and timing; standards of proof; standing to sue; inducement / contributory infringement; infringement by foreign activities / by equivalents; discovery; litigation timetable and costs; appeals; scope and ownership of patents; alternative dispute resolution; defences of absolute novelty, obviousness, inventiveness or prior use; types of remedy; voluntary and compulsory licensing; patent office proceedings, including timetabling, costs, appeals, opposition, and modification / re-examination of patents; and recent trends.

We hope you enjoy the guide!