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At Gilbert's LLP, we do things a little differently. We offer a friendly, diverse and dynamic work environment. A student at Gilbert's will be exposed to intellectual property litigation and prosecution, policy and government relations, indigenous law, commercial litigation regulatory law, entertainment law, and corporate commercial law. We're not a big firm, but we do attract big-firm work. Our firm is young, dynamic and eager.

If these practice areas are of interest to you, please read on to find out more about us and our student program.


To understand what we're looking for in a student, you need to understand our core values. These are the things that drive our practice and our passion for the practice of law:

  • The development of strong and lasting relationships (both inside and outside the firm);
  • Respect for innovation and creativity;
  • Making sense of the unconventional; and
  • Excellence and respect for the profession.

Are these values interesting to you? Then read on!


Gilbert's is a firm of advocates. We define advocacy as problem solving – resolving negative client issues and unlocking positive commercial and social opportunities.

We are best known for guiding business decisions, protecting intellectual property, and providing strategic counseling and litigation. We do this particularly well in highly regulated, science-based industries (particularly the pharmaceutical industry) and in the technology and media industries.

We excel in dealing with complex, unusual circumstances. We advise, and then implement. Clients tell us that it's our approach to resolving problems that differentiates us from other law firms.


It's Different Here

Your experience at Gilbert's LLP will be unlike that at any other law firm in the country. We are not typical in our operation, outlook, or approach to business.

We have created a unique workplace where everyone maintains their individuality while playing an important role on the team. As a student, you will be exposed to a flexible structure, an active business orientation and an approach to law firm operation that is something quite different from the traditional. You will interact with fascinating clients (business people, financiers, entertainers), regulators, and experts from all over the world. You will work on multimillion-dollar files for multimillion-dollar corporations, both Canadian and foreign. You will be a contributor to interesting (and challenging!) legal and business matters.

We have no formal rotation system because we want our students to be exposed to all of our areas of practice in amounts which reflect their unique interests. Our students work with all of our lawyers on a regular basis. We will provide honest, constructive, and informal feedback throughout your time with us – often in a neighbourhood restaurant or on the patio of a nearby pub.

Although we are all intensely driven with respect to the work of the firm, there is no in-house competition among the students or associates. Work is fairly allocated based both on need and interest.

From the get-go, you are included!

Our students become directly involved in everything that we do. From the get-go, you are part of our team. You will attend meetings with clients, meetings with regulators, negotiations, and strategy-planning sessions. In litigation matters, students attend cross-examinations, motions and hearings, and are closely involved in the preparation of court materials such as motion records, affidavits, and facta – not just legal memos.

In prosecution matters, students at Gilbert's attend client meetings, assist in the development of intellectual property strategies, draft patent and trademark applications and respond to office actions.

In corporate commercial matters, students at Gilbert’s draft agreements, participate in negotiations – not just due diligence, help companies raise money, and assist in M&A transactions.

Day-to-day responsibility with adequate supervision is yours for the asking.

You will never be overlooked!

You will never be lost or overlooked at Gilbert's. As a student, you will have first-hand knowledge of everything that is going on in the firm!

In addition, because we work in teams (we strategize all files), you are never left on your own. You are part of all the action. You will be given a lot of responsibility and opportunity to learn and express yourself in your work.

We nourish your intellect!

We take training very seriously because we closely monitor the quality of our work product.

Apart from supervision and mentoring on the job, we have a continuing legal education program involving all lawyers and agents in the firm where we focus on improving our core areas of practice. Through application to active files, we bring our firm practice standards and work product expectations to life.

Because we are very open and practical in our approach to business, you will also participate in business development and marketing training. We also have a progressive attitude to sending our lawyers and students to external courses that will enhance their skills.


Gilbert’s is committed to establishing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we welcome and value new ways of thinking. We are committed to engaging and supporting individuals with a wide range of experience, backgrounds and abilities, and it is a priority for us to create an informed, accessible, and respectful workplace.

We are proud of our flexible work arrangements that permit smart, dedicated lawyers to practice with us, while accommodating the needs of family and other priorities in life. We want to attract the best talent out there, and we have broken down barriers to make that happen. Take a look at the leadership profile and associate mix at our firm – we think it will make you more enthused about joining our team.


As a summer student at Gilbert's, you get:

  • Salary commensurate with other Bay Street firms;
  • Five days' paid vacation;
  • $125 per month towards the fitness club membership of your choice;
  • A full medical and dental benefits package; and
  • Really fun social events

As an articling student at Gilbert's, you get:

  • Salary commensurate with other Bay Street firms;
  • Payment of your Ontario bar examination and admission fees;
  • Two weeks' paid vacation;
  • A full medical and dental benefits package;
  • $1,500 per year towards the fitness club membership of your choice; and
  • Really fun social events

If you are smart, motivated and entrepreneurially minded, and are looking for a surprising level of responsibility; if you find our practice areas to be interesting; if you are interested in a unique, intellectually stimulating and very demanding experience; if you want to learn from lawyers and patent agents who are at the top of their game; and, if you want to become involved in top quality work at an early stage in your career and in a different kind of environment (while having lots of fun along the way), send us your application!


Now that you've (hopefully) fallen for us, help us fall for you. We look for three qualities in a prospective student:

  • Excellent technical skills and/or strong academic credentials;
  • A demonstrated interest in what we do; and
  • Curiosity and openness to new ideas and innovation.

Your sense of humour and life skills are all important to successfully integrating at Gilbert's. We want to hear about the 'whole' person you are – all of our lawyers and students are fascinating, curious, and well-rounded. Each one of us has done some really cool stuff.

Here are some characteristics that will get our attention:

  • You are motivated and a self-starter;
  • You are curious, inquisitive, and resourceful;
  • You are sharp and in tune with what's going on;
  • You are capable and self-assured;
  • You are aware of yourself and the type of experience you want to get with us;
  • You are able to have fun; and
  • You have a sense of humour.

The Recruitment Process

All of our firm recruitment procedures are carried out in accordance with Law Society of Ontario (LSO) guidelines (for important dates and information, please visit the LSO website at

Your application should include a cover letter and complete resume as well as official copies of your law school, undergraduate and any graduate transcripts. Writing samples and reference letters are not required.

Tell us a little about yourself – we are interested in the person behind the resume. In your cover letter, include a brief note on why you want to join us and what you feel you will gain by being part of our law firm.

‍Please note:

  • If you are in your first year, do not send us your resume this year (as we do not hire first year summer students). Please do send it to us next year!
  • We are happy to accept your application by email or in hard copy. No faxes please.

Send your resume to:

    Gilbert's LLP
    The Waterfront Innovation Centre
    125 Queens Quay East
    8th Floor, P.O. Box 19
    Toronto ON M5A 0Z6

Too Good To Be True?

Now that you have read through our student recruitment overview, you may be saying to yourself, "Right! This is too good to be true." It isn't. Not for the right person.

If you have any questions about our recruitment process, the student program, or the firm in general, please call our Toronto office at 416-703-1100 or send an email to Laura Robinson at, or Shannon Ritchie at