Nisha came to Gilbert’s after several years at a global law firm based here in Toronto, where she represented pharmaceutical clients in complex, multi-jurisdictional patent-related cases. Nisha is a scientist-turned-litigator with a doctorate in molecular biology, genetics and cancer – so, the pharmaceutical bent to her global practice makes sense. While Nisha remains oddly enthusiastic about all things pharma, she now enjoys a more diverse litigation practice.

Nisha has represented clients before the Ontario Superior Court, and Federal Court of Canada; and like any ambitious Canadian litigator, Nisha looks very forward to the day she can add the Supreme Court of Canada to the list!

When Nisha is not lawyering or conducting complicated science experiments in her kitchen, she volunteers on the board of a local legal clinic, spends as much time outdoors as humanly possible, and indulges her sense of humour with books, YouTube videos, or conversations with people she thinks are hilarious.


University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • J.D. - 2008
McMaster University, Faculty of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cancer
  • Ph.D. - 2006
Acadia University, Faculty of Biology
  • B.Sc. - 1999


Published Works

  • Kristin Wall and Nisha Anand: "Recent Trends in Canadian Biologics Patent Litigation" FDLI Update, 2014
  • Heller, D. & Anand, N. "Functional Pharma Claim Flawed, Finds Federal Court of Canada", APLF IP Law Bugle, 2010
  • Thornton S, Anand N, Purcell D, Lee J. (2003) Not just for housekeeping: protein initiation and elongation factors in cell growth and tumorigenesis. Journal of Molecular Medicine 81(9): 536-48, 2003
  • Anand N, Murthy S, Amann G, Wernick M, Porter LA, Cukier IH, Collins C, Gray JW, Diebold J, Demetrick DJ, Lee JM. (2002) Protein elongation factor EEF1A2 is a putative oncogene in ovarian cancer. Nature Genetics. Jul; 31(3): 301-5., 2002

Representative Cases

  • Corlac Inc. et al. v. Weatherford Canada Ltd. et al. 2010 FC 602
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc. et al. v. Teva Canada Limited et al., 2013 FC 1270
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc. et al. v. Teva Canada Limited et al., 2013 FC 1272
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc. et al. v. Apotex Inc. et al. 2016 FC 856

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
  • Toronto Intellectual Property Group
  • The Advocates’ Society
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Association