Gilbert’s Solutions is an innovation consultancy that helps to solve big challenges. We are a results-driven team of advisors and problem-solvers. 

We see big opportunities where there are big challenges. We are committed to tackling important issues facing our world, and we see our clients as partners in this mission. We tailor our advice and solutions into a finely tuned product to fit your needs.

We are also innovators. We create new solutions where we see market gaps. We will go so far as creating new businesses to address those gaps.

Hosted at Gilbert’s LLP, a boutique law firm of creative professionals serving the needs of innovative clients, we draw on and leverage their deep knowledge and expertise, where appropriate. Gilbert’s LLP is headquartered in Toronto, Canada at the Waterfront Innovation Centre, also with offices in New York City, and soon London, UK.

Please reach out to Jocelyn Mackie for a virtual coffee to learn more about our approach, and how we can help solve your big challenges.

our team

The Gilbert’s Solutions team brings together talented and experienced professionals with a broad range of expertise including:  

  • Lawyers and advocates
  • Business, policy and social impact advisors
  • Corporate leaders
  • Strategists
  • Brand and marketing professionals
  • Indigenous advisors

We draw on and leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Gilberts LLP team, where appropriate, to develop and deliver integrated solutions to complex problems. This includes monetizing intellectual property, and sourcing capital. We also deploy a range of external experts, investigators and researchers to help meet our client’s needs.

Our team has decades of experience in leading and enabling:

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Strategy Development
  • Regulatory and Legislative Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Design and Change Management
  • Governance and Board Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Innovation Strategy, Policy and Ethics
  • Fundraising (private capital and government grants)

Our Clients

Members of the Gilbert’s Solutions team have worked with and supported a broad range of clients to fully realize the potential value and impact of their innovations, including:

  • Innovative private sector companies, from SMEs to Multinational Corporations, in the pharmaceutical, energy, communications, environment, digital technology and other sectors
  • Global Health Organizations
  • Investment Funds, with a particular focus on Impact Investments and investments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • National and International Foundations and Not-For-Profits
  • Innovation Organizations
  • National Governments, Departments and Agencies
  • Provincial/Territorial Governments, Departments and Agencies

Our Areas of Focus

The Gilbert’s Solutions team has notable experience and expertise in the following areas of focus:  

1. Strategy and Policy Development

  • Global Health: Identifying and overcoming global health challenges and improving health outcomes across different populations.
  • Pharmaceutical Policy: Developing and advising on policies related to the pharmaceutical industry, including access to medicines, pricing, and innovation.
  • Intellectual Property Strategy: Tailoring strategies for the protection and management of intellectual property, and the optimization of value.

2. Sustainable Development and Global Impact

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Approaches to Address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Implementing strategies that leverage ESG principles to meet the SDGs, including projects on global access, and climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Forest Fire Mitigation: Strategies and solutions to prevent forest fires, which contribute to improved climate outcomes, sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.

3. Innovative Regulation and Partnerships

  • Drone Regulation: Developing frameworks for the safe and ethical use of drones, with applications in surveillance, delivery, and environmental monitoring.

4. Reconciliation 

  • Indigenous Partnerships: Facilitating partnerships and strategies for reconciliation with Indigenous communities, including consultation processes, joint ventures, and community-led projects.

5. Impact Investing 

Impact Investing: Strategies for investments focused on generating social and environmental impact alongside a financial return, with a particular focus on Impact Investment and investments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Contact Us

For more information on our team, our approach and our work, please contact: 

Jocelyn Mackie, Partner

Waterfront Innovation Centre125 Queens Quay East, 8th Floor P.O. Box 19 Toronto, Ontario M5A 0Z6 Canada