Roundtable Discussion of the Health Impact Fund

Published on
May 11, 2020
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Join us for a Roundtable Discussion of the Health Impact Fund on May 12, 2020, Noon-1:30 pm ET.

The Health Impact Fund is a proposed complementary system for the development of pharmaceutical innovations – especially ones intended for poor patients who cannot afford expensive medicines.

Financed by states, charitable foundations or international taxes, the Health Impact Fund would give pharmaceutical innovators the option of registering any new product for annual reward payments. Reward payments for pharmaceutical innovators depend solely on the annual health gains achieved by their registered medicines. The more such a new medicine improves or lengthens human lives, the more money the innovator earns. The price of registered products is limited to the costs of manufacture and distribution, and therefore affordable even for poor patients. In doing so, the Health Impact Fund delinks the price of medicines from the R&D costs of innovation and covers the latter through health impact rewards.

The current pandemic has led to renewed interest in the Health Impact Fund. This roundtable is meant to promote discussion, generate feedback, and receive input on ways to advance the concept in Canada and abroad.

The roundtable will be conducted via Zoom. Please contact Paul Banwatt for details on how to join.