IP Strategy for Your Business

Published on
August 11, 2020
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An intellectual property strategy for your business can bethought of as a game plan for developing, securing, and commercializing ideas, innovations, and other intangible assets. A strong IP strategy can help your business develop a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve above-market results.


In particular, the successful commercialization of IP assets(supported by an IP strategy) can help your business:

  • Generate enhanced revenues or alternative revenue streams;
  • Achieve premium product positioning and pricing;
  • Capture and grow market share;
  • Secure financing


Your IP strategy should be specifically tailored to the circumstances of your business, including considerations such as:

  • The industry in which the business operates and its competitive landscape;
  • The maturity and resources of the business;
  • The business’ target market, including whether the market is international;
  • The branding objectives of the business;
  • The current and intended IP assets of the business (including the types of IP assets in play);


Our team at Gilbert’s LLP can help you through the entire process of developing and maintaining an IP strategy for your business or can help review and strengthen a discrete element of an existing strategy. Depending on the sophistication of the current IP practices of your business, the process of developing an IP strategy may include:

  • Completing an audit of the intangible assets currently held by your business alongside an assessment of the IP assets held by your competitors and the market you compete in generally;
  • Setting an objective or objectives for your strategy, which may be one of or a combination of defensive, offensive,financial, or strategic objectives; and
  • Designing and implementing IP-specific operations into your day-to-day business activities that reflect and achieve the set objective(s).


Early-stage companies may have IP strategy needs that are distinct from those of more mature businesses. Gilbert’s LLP is proud to offer Slingshot, a dedicated legal services product for start-ups and scaling companies. You can learn more about Slingshot here.