Robyn McDougall





Robyn is an articling student at Gilbert’s LLP.

Prior to joining the firm, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Physiology in her hometown, Calgary, Alberta. Robyn was especially drawn to her sport sociology courses which focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport policy. This interest ultimately led her to apply to law school.

At McGill Law, Robyn discovered interests in intellectual property, privacy law, and AI technology bringing her back to her scientific roots. As a student, Robyn served as Editor in Chief of the McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH) as well as a Senior Advocate for students involved in disputes at McGill. She was also fortunate to work with the Centre of Genomics and Policy (CGP) during her time in Montreal.

In her free time, Robyn enjoys Latin dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), and improving her balance so that she can finally get around to using the roller skates in her closet. Robyn is fluent in French and is working on her Spanish.


McGill University, Faculty of Law

  • J.D., 2023
  • Bachelor of Civil Law, 2023

University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology

  • B.Sc (Exercise and Health Physiology), 2019


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