Oleyna Strigul



After graduating Summa Cum Laude from McMaster University with an HBSc in Life Sciences (Origins Research Specialization), Oleyna continued her education at McMaster by pursuing a MSc in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program. Oleyna successfully defended her thesis in the summer of 2018, subsequently earning the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Program Outstanding Achievement Award for her research on allergic disease.

As a student at Queen’s University Faculty of Law, Oleyna has participated in the Queen’s Business Law Clinic as a student caseworker, and served as president on both the Queen’s Law Intellectual Property Club and Minute Moot Club. In her downtime, Oleyna enjoys gardening, horror movies, rollerblading, as well as astronomy. Some motivations that inspire Oleyna to excel include a passion for science and technological advancement, deep admiration for entrepreneurship, and a desire to financially support the voracious eating habits of her beloved cat, Sylvester.