What We Do

If you are in the business of innovation and creativity, you face a radically different legal and market reality compared to businesses dealing with more traditional products and services. Meeting your legal needs often requires in-depth knowledge of your particular field, and an understanding that sometimes the existing legal framework may be ill-equipped to fully understand or deal with your challenges.

The lawyers and agents at Gilbert's have that knowledge and understanding.

Unique Business Services For Unique Clients

Many members of our team of lawyers, patent agents and staff have direct experience working in innovative industries. We understand how intellectual property and creativity colours every aspect of the corporate commercial services we provide for you, as well as our work in:

  • Litigation: Our litigation team can help you with issues, such as employment and contract disputes, but we are also aware that the heart of your business are your ideas. We have the experience and creativity to pursue patent prosecution, trademark and copyright challenges, and other disputes that deal directly with your intellectual and creative property, even in areas where the law is in its infancy. Through our partnership with investment funds, we also have the capacity to fund commercial lawsuits for clients who may have valuable IP, but not the funds to pursue infringers.
  • Intellectual property (IP): Acquiring patents, trademarks and copyrights is at the core of many of our clients' business plans. Our patent and trademark agents can ensure that your intellectual property is protected when you bring your ideas to the market. We also handle international trademark registrations, IP-driven business agreements, licensing agreements, trademark cancellations and oppositions, and a variety of other IP-related needs.
  • Regulatory and government relations: Many of our clients have extensive dealings with the government, particularly when it comes to medical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage products. Helping you fulfil regulatory requirements, explaining your product, and helping you deal with challenges are particularly important to ensuring the profitability and viability of your products.

In addition, we help our clients with the particular privacy and data protection concerns that are relevant to idea-related businesses.

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