Regulatory And Government Relations

Many of our clients must interact with regulatory and government agencies during the process of developing, marketing and distributing their products.

Our clients in the field of life sciences — involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices and natural health products — make and market products that can profoundly affect health and safety. Many of our international clients, and those involved in the media, energy and food industries, also often require our services to navigate the confusing world of the government regulations that control their industries. Regulatory barriers can arise for companies when they least expect them.

In 2013, Gilbert's was awarded Canada's Regulatory Firm of the Year by LMG Life Sciences.

Untangling Red Tape

Our regulatory and government relations lawyers can provide strategic advice and skilled legal representation services for:

  • Government approval: This is crucial for products that must undergo testing for health and safety compliance.
  • International regulations: For many of our clients, ensuring compliance with regulatory law in a variety of jurisdictions can be challenging. Our experience can be invaluable, particularly for international pharmaceutical or food and beverage-centred companies, making sure that products are approved for sale in Canada. We are also familiar with the effects of trade and intellectual property agreements and organizations, such as NAFTA, TRIPS and WTO on your products and transactions.
  • Privacy: We often help businesses deal with the requirements of different government and regulatory agencies regarding the protection of personal and work-related data.

Influencing The Future

Gilbert's is also committed to positively influencing the industry through legislative change. Many of our clients operate in ground-breaking areas of development, in which the law is only slowly catching up to the latest innovations.

With our understanding of critical policy issues, we can form effective strategies for law reform, and represent you before Canadian and American governmental agencies, as well as international regulatory bodies. Our lawyers and patent agents can assist with lobbying and advocacy, lending their skills, reputation and positive working relationships with government and regulatory bodies to your cause.

Our work in this field has included:

  • Providing pharmaceutical and patent policy advice to the United States Congress during legislative reform to the U.S. Hatch-Waxman Act
  • Assisting clients appearing before offices of the Senate Majority Leader and House and Senate Judiciary Committees during U.S. patent reform
  • Providing ongoing assistance to Congress and the Federal Trade Commission in the United States on matters involving antitrust and patent legislation
  • Assisting governments in understanding the impact of intellectual property provisions in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

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