Lawyers For Privacy And Data Protection

With the growth of technology in every aspect of our business and personal lives, privacy and data protection have become growing concerns in our society. Evolving developments in legislation and practice on the provincial, federal and international levels have made privacy concerns vitally important to businesses.

Our clients need to be careful not just in gathering and keeping information, but in processing and transferring it as well.

For clients of Gilbert's LLP, it is important to safeguard financial and personal data as well as the intellectual property that often forms their most valuable assets.

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Whether your company is involved in scientific, technical, creative or financial services, we appreciate the challenging nature of maintaining security. Security breaches that leak personal or business information can be devastating, both to your productivity and to the confidence your own clients place in you.

Our lawyers can:

  • Advise you on how to mitigate your risk of privacy breaches so you can focus on protecting your clients and infrastructure from harm
  • Advise you on compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) if necessary to your business
  • Advise on new developments in privacy and data protection law, both in Canada and abroad
  • Help international clients deal with the privacy and data protection requirements of different government and regulatory environments in which they operate
  • Help with business transactions that may require transfers of personal data, especially across borders
  • Assist you in managing privacy and security risks associated with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information regarding consumers and employees, whether it involves names, email addresses, medical or financial information
  • Conduct privacy assessments
  • Represent your interests in privacy-related litigation
  • Advise you on access to employee or trade data by third-party contractors
  • Advise you on commercial agreements that are likely to have high privacy and data protection concerns such as domestic and international data transfers, data sharing, licensing and outsourcing

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