You Want Us In Your Corner

In any kind of litigation, our focus is always on getting you back to business and protecting the core of your enterprise.

Our clients face a wide variety of legal challenges, including intellectual property (IP) litigation disputes that cut to the heart of their business such as industrial design, trademark, copyright and patent litigation, and IP-related privacy issues.

For these disputes, it is vital for your legal team to have an in-depth understanding of the unique features of your industry, as well as the skills to effectively communicate those features and the matters in dispute to courts, mediators and arbitrators.

We are also comfortable with creatively navigating the law and the frequent need to break new legal ground. It's not uncommon for the legal system to lag behind the needs of innovative businesses.

Sometimes, our clients are involved in the kinds of commercial litigation any enterprise must face, dealing with leases, breaches of contract and distribution of goods. However, even when the disputes seem to be about mundane issues, we often find that the particular needs of an innovative industry make traditional ideas and approaches to solving the problem insufficient and unlikely to result in a fair resolution.

A Mindfully Tactical Approach To Dispute Resolution

Your legal team will be composed of lawyers and staff with experience in your field and in the type of legal dispute that you are facing. Whether your business is based in Canada or is internationally based, we will:

  • Determine the key features of your dispute, as well as your objectives in resolving the matter
  • Strategize on the means to achieve those objectives efficiently and effectively
  • Provide a roadmap for success, setting out key decision points along the way
  • Use negotiation and mediation if possible, as solutions crafted by the participants of a dispute may be more uniquely tailored to their needs than those imposed by the court, as well as more private and economically efficient
  • Skillfully represent your interests before all levels of courts and administrative tribunals if alternative dispute resolution is not successful

We represent corporate and individual clients in disputes ranging from significant IP and class-action cases to small disputes involving corporate commercial matters. A significant proportion of our work involves cross-border litigation and resolution of international IP issues.

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Call our litigation team at 416-703-1100 or toll free at 416-703-1100, or send us an email. Our Toronto-based litigators represent clients throughout Ontario and Canada, and represent international entities involved in Canadian court disputes.