Intellectual Property Lawyers

As an innovation-based or creative enterprise, your most important assets are often not your physical products, whether they consist of clothing, software or life-saving medicines: they are the ideas, ingenuity and creativity that went into your products. Establishing rights to the fruits of that creativity, protecting and enhancing those rights, and making them work for you are all vital to the success of your enterprise.

At Gilbert's, we are passionate about intellectual property (IP), innovation and creativity. Many of us come from creative or innovative backgrounds, and all of us thrive in the fast-paced, quickly evolving legal frameworks and regulatory environments that govern many creative fields. We are also deeply involved in public education, policy development and fostering growth in idea-based businesses.

Protect Your Gold Mine

Our intellectual property lawyers and patent agents can assist you with intellectual property establishment and protection through various methods, including:

  • Patents: We work with you on all aspects of patent management, from evaluations of the benefits and costs of maintaining and defending patents, to patent preparation, filing, prosecution and maintenance anywhere in the world.
  • Trademarks: We understand the importance of branding and protecting your reputation. We will guide you through every step of trademark development, management, protection and optimization, and work with an established network of foreign trademark agents to protect your brand internationally. For industries as diverse as alcoholic beverages, toilet paper and financial services, we work on infringement, passing off, and Internet-related work involving domain name disputes, defamation and Internet fraud.
  • Copyright: We help our clients in media, whether new or traditional, to deal with copyright issues in the ever-evolving information age. We conduct anti-piracy copyright enforcement on behalf of numerous large companies. We also influence the evolution of copyright law through public education and advocacy.
  • Industrial designs: We work with you to prepare and file applications for your designs in Canada, the U.S. or internationally. We will guide your application through the process, including searching for similar designs if applicable, and manage all deadlines for filing or renewing your designs in all relevant jurisdictions.
  • Know-how and trade secrets: We often help our clients identify know-how and trade secrets within their organization, which may need to be the subject of non-disclosure agreements, or may need to be included in licensing agreements.

We are also active in helping our clients protect their ideas and data through development of privacy and data protection procedures.

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