Copyright Lawyers

Gilbert's LLP provides creative copyright solutions to our clients in creative industries for works such as music, movies, books, software, toys, architectural designs, film, video games, apps, photographs, paintings and sculptures. Our clients operate in high-tech, software, cinema, news and multimedia industries as well as traditional creative environments. They include individual artists, designers and authors as well as large, multinational corporations.

With respect to copyright on software, Gilbert's own Vik G. Tenekjian acts on behalf of the BSA Business Software Alliance and numerous high-profile software developers, including Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Siemens Product Life Cycle Management, Symantec Corporation, Autodesk Inc. and Rosetta Stone Ltd., among others. Gilbert's work in this respect focuses on enforcement and ultimately litigation, as well as public education and advocacy before governmental committees.

We have significant expertise before the Copyright Board of Canada, including proceedings involving royalty tariffs and domain names. Our copyright lawyers provide a broad range of services, including advice and representation in infringement, licensing, enforcement, advising clients in best practices, and the development, acquisition, use and enforcement of intellectual property and technology.

Believing In Copyright

Our copyright lawyers can:

  • Advise clients on compliance with Copyright Board of Canada Royalty Tariffs and preparing related agreements
  • Advise clients on the Canadian Copyright Act, international copyright treaties and Copyright Reform
  • Search, register and enforce copyrights in Canada and the United States
  • Search, register and enforce copyrights for materials used online
  • Clear copyrights for materials used online
  • Help clients develop internal policies for the use of copyrighted works on the Internet
  • Assist clients with licensing of creative works for use in broadcasting, Internet, print, software or social media platforms and the drafting of related agreements
  • Clear and register domain names and trademarks
  • Advocate in domain name disputes
  • Provide opinions on copyright infringement
  • Advise on due diligence concerning copyrights
  • Advise on contractual and transactional issues concerning copyrights

We don't just provide services to individual clients: We also work with the development of copyright policy and public education. Our lawyers teach about copyright issues in law schools, publish articles, and speak at domestic and international conferences on copyright issues. We have also participated in the reform of copyright legislation.

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