Our Industry Approach

At Gilbert's LLP, part of what we offer clients is the experience of lawyers, patent agents and staff who are familiar with the needs of the creative and innovative community, and the practical realities of the industries that are a part of that community.

Members of our team have scientific training and significant industry experience in electrical and computer engineering, software development, chemistry, pharmacy, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology and environmental science. We understand science and technology, and work closely with inventors, scientists and regulators. Many of us also have experience in the artistic and creative community through the fashion industry.

Your team will consist of the lawyers and staff who are best suited to your case's particular needs, through their backgrounds and their experience with your particular legal issue. Our industry approach enables you to work with a team that is already familiar with your business realities.

Hitting The Ground Running

Our familiarity with, and keen interest in, your environment gives us a head start when dealing with your concerns. It allows us to quickly understand the issues you are dealing with, and gives us a better idea of the practical solutions that may resolve your difficulties.

It also enables us to understand the motivations of other parties in your dispute, and to explain your case to courts, mediators and regulatory agencies from an insider's point of view.

Our lawyers and staff have experience with a variety of industries driven by creativity, research and ingenuity, including:

  • Life sciences: These industries include a wide range of businesses dealing with living organisms or products with biological applications such as drugs, medical devices, natural health products, foods and beverages, and agribusiness.
  • Technology: This involves both mechanical technology as varied as food processes, fire suppression systems, medical devices, golfing accessories, and computer-related technology such as nanotechnology, 3D scanning and operating system software.
  • Fashion: We help protect brands, deal with infringement of design, and advise on marketing strategies, commercial transactions and other fashion-related issues.
  • Media and communication: Our lawyers have experience with both large companies, such as Cineplex, and startups involved in media, telecommunications and other related industries.
  • Energy and natural resources: Our work includes oil and gas industry clients such as Halliburton, experience at National Energy Board hearings, and alternative energy initiatives such as solar and wind generators.

Contact Gilbert's LLP

Call us at 416-703-1100, or send us an email to find out what we can do for you and your business. Our Toronto firm serves clients throughout Canada and the U.S., as well as international clients doing business in Canada.