Technology, Patents And Industrial Design

Our technology business clients are involved in both traditional products, such as heating, ventilation and other manufactured goods, and high-tech products such as touch screens and applications for online financial services.

Gilbert's LLP provides experienced and sophisticated services for established multinationals as well as legal advice to help entrepreneurs and startups focus their ideas and turn their ingenuity into viable products.

Members of our firm bring with them computer, software, electrical and scientific backgrounds and experience as well as in-depth understanding of the information technology industry. We employ full-time high-tech entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience, and who have helped shape the information technology sector.

Technology Of All Kinds

Technology companies, especially those in information and communication technology, operate in a rapidly changing and evolving field. Our lawyers for technology and intellectual property help clients to develop their technologies by protecting their legal interests. Our services include:

  • Intellectual property protection: Our lawyers and patent agents can develop and implement intellectual property strategies, including international patent, trademark, industrial design and brand portfolio strategies.
  • Technology litigation: Our firm has acted as plaintiff counsel in the largest technology patent disputes in Canada. We act as strategic litigation counsel in technology patent disputes that often involve large companies asserting numerous patents against each other around the world.
  • Business strategy: We provide consultation services for marketing plans, helping you achieve your business goals.
  • Due diligence: We can perform investigations to assess scope-of-rights issues for technology products and services.

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