Media And Communications

The legal and business environment in the world of media and communications are particularly prone to rapid changes in technology, and can have a significant influence on a wide range of other industries.

As media and communications become more technologically sophisticated and our world becomes more interconnected through social media, businesses whose products involve these fields require more sophisticated legal services.

Our media and communications clients include creators who wish to protect their creative products and businesses, such as Cineplex, that utilize intellectual property as a large part of their business. Products include music, movies, photographs, computer software and communications systems, video games and apps.

Intellectual property laws have an enormous impact on creators and consumers of media. Knowing how to navigate the legal framework and make best use of creative works are crucial to your success. Our lawyers provide innovative, effective solutions for our clients, combining legal, business and policy considerations to maximize your control over your products.

The Media Is The Message

At Gilbert's LLP, many of our lawyers and patent agents have had extensive experience in the fields of entertainment, new media and high tech. We have dealt with matters such as ownership of screenplay rights, disputes between producers and talent, breach of distribution agreements, software licensing and Internet defamation. We also have extensive experience in tariff proceedings before the Copyright Board of Canada dealing with copyright royalties for businesses.

Our services include:

  • Drafting copyright contracts, including Internet-based contracts such as electronic publishing and website design agreements
  • Drafting licensing agreements for digital content
  • Helping businesses develop policies concerning use of employees' copyrighted works
  • Providing clients with information on international and domestic developments regarding creators and businesses using and enforcing intellectual property assets
  • Staying current on emerging trends and new legislation concerning Internet privacy, data protection, and trade secrets, in both domestic and international contexts
  • Keeping you informed about developing legislation that may affect you, concerning creative content and domestic and international e-commerce
  • Litigating and resolving disputes concerning copyright infringement

We also involve ourselves in policy advocacy regarding new media and copyright such as copyright legislation reform. Our lawyers educate the public and other professionals on these issues, teaching media and communications issues in law schools, publishing articles and books, speaking at domestic and international conferences, and participating in professional associations engaged in these matters.

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