Medical Devices And Intellectual Property

Our medical device team can help businesses that create products intended for diagnosis or treatment of disease or injury, such as MRIs and other scanning devices, as well as syringes and fluid handling equipment.

Designers, inventors and manufacturers of medical devices require corporate commercial services such as corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, protection of investors, and litigation services for product liability and other commercial disputes.

They also require a great deal of assistance in other aspects of the law, namely intellectual property (IP) protection and regulatory services.

Working With You To Improve Medical Services

Our life sciences lawyers can help with medical device intellectual property through various IP services involving licensing, and patent and trademark protection. We can also guide you through regulatory matters involving government interaction regarding approval, testing, labelling, advertising, manufacturing safety and recalls.

Gilbert's LLP provides:

  • Detailed research into existing patents to avoid trouble with other medical device companies
  • Assistance through the testing and certification process, and help with challenges and delays in your approval process
  • Detailed understanding of the process of patenting, helping you prepare, file, manage and enforce your patents efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Skillful navigation of cross-jurisdictional issues and familiarity with jurisdictional requirements for patenting
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements, and a reputation for excellence with the appropriate administrative and regulatory bodies
  • Business services, including drafting of complex commercial agreements, to help you grow your business

Contact Gilbert's LLP

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