Gilbert's LLP represents a number of Canadian biotechnology clients, from new Canadian entrepreneurs to multinational companies that wish to licence or patent inventions in Canada. We also help Canadian companies expand their operations abroad.

Our clients develop all kinds of products and services, including:

  • Diagnostic devices to test susceptibility to diseases
  • Genetic testing and sequencing
  • Computerized drug development support tools
  • Agribusiness products such as new plant breeds and agricultural improvements in yield and pest resistance

Biology Meets Technology

Biotech businesses require a variety of legal services. Our lawyers and patent agents can provide assistance with:

  • Corporate Commercial needs: Our familiarity with intellectual property (IP) issues allows us to help our clients make their products commercially viable. We are also able to recognize when normal commercial interactions require special regulatory and intellectual property considerations such as biological material transfer contracts.
  • IP protection: We can help manage your patenting and can litigate to protect your inventions and the products of your original ideas.
  • Special considerations: Many operations in biotech have special ethical and procedural requirements such as making specimen deposits before filing patent applications. There are also ethical and practical considerations surrounding which kinds of products can be patented, such as proteins, genes and cells, and which cannot, such as complex life forms like genetically engineered plants and animals. Genetic data may also involve privacy considerations. These rules may vary according to jurisdiction.
  • Regulatory requirements: Biotech operations often require close cooperation with regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada, as well as international agencies, to ensure compliance with patents, ethics and safety regulations.
  • Policy influence and education: We can assist your efforts to positively influence biotechnology legislation such as the development of the biosimilars markets in Canada and the United States. We are deeply involved in policy-making and science advocacy.

Biotechnology law is an area of life sciences law that is continually evolving, domestically and internationally. It's vital to understand how to safeguard your work with solid IP protection.

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