Developments In Energy And Natural Resources Research

In today's economy, businesses involved in energy and natural resources often require innovation for all areas of their enterprises: exploration, extraction, processing, manufacturing, distribution, financing and marketing.

At Gilbert's, our clients work with both traditional energy and natural resources and emerging energy sources. They are involved in research and development in areas including:

  • Oil and natural gas
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Solar power
  • Wind generation
  • Other alternative energy sources

Our lawyers and patent agents, many of whom have engineering and scientific research backgrounds, can help you find new and more efficient ways to get your product out to consumers. We can also give legal advice on evolving environmental standards, commercial disputes and investments, and help you comply with government regulations domestically and internationally.

Powering Your Business Through Innovation

Increasing efficiency and productivity is vital to these industries, and research and development is rapid-paced. Whether you are a large company like Halliburton, engaged in wellbore completion, or a startup finding new ways to harness wind and solar energy, we can help you protect your technological designs, engineering and manufacturing specifications, reports, surveys and computer models so that you can get the most out of your intellectual and innovative investment.

Gilbert's LLP will help you protect your intellectual assets, through patents, copyrights, data and trade secret protection, and licensing agreements.

  • It is important to understand who owns the rights to innovations — engineers, the companies that employ them, project owners or third parties — and determine their scope of use. Disputes can arise when intellectual property is transferred between contractors, modified or used in future projects.
  • Sometimes, companies deploy energy-related technologies that are so successful that competitors copy the technology, even if it is patented. We have experience litigating complex energy technology patents in international disputes involving large companies.
  • During acquisition negotiations, intellectual property components are particularly important. Due diligence is required to ensure that owners have all the rights needed to make full use of the assets acquired, and to negotiate for full use during acquisition.
  • It's vital to ensure that your innovations comply with marketing, environmental and other regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions in which they will be implemented.

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