Client Relationship Management

Gilbert's is grateful for the opportunity to assist great clients with the challenges facing their businesses. We understand that involvement with lawyers brings risks and costs that must be continually evaluated in relation to our clients' strategic objectives. We also know that, to the extent possible, clients want no surprises as a matter moves forward.

To make our relationship with clients as fulfilling as possible, we offer the following client relationship management (CRM) services in association with our services:

  • Client relationship manager: Continuity of care is important in all professions, and the legal profession is no exception. We ensure that clients have a direct line to a client relationship manager, whose role is to ensure that all aspects of client files – from initial budgeting to trial – are proceeding smoothly in accordance with client needs and expectations.

  • Legal project management: From the outset of each project, Gilbert's will prepare a budget mapping out the likely scenarios to be faced as proceedings move forward, and anticipating risks that may lead to variations to the budget to arrive at a critical path to success. The critical path – involving strategy, personnel and budget allocation – is reviewed over the duration of the client file and is adapted to meet changing client needs. We provide monthly updates, or updates as requested, regarding the critical path and ensure timely discussion regarding potential changes.

  • Sortable, task-based account management: In addition to providing typical invoices for services, Gilbert's offers sortable, task-based invoices that allow clients to track precisely how Gilbert's lawyers have been spending their time. Tasks are organized according to the life of a file and are integrated in the critical path for easy review by the client.

Now more than ever clients are seeking value-added yet cost-effective services, and Gilbert's has taken note. Our CRM services place timely information at clients' disposal so they can make faster and smarter decisions on the path to success.