Life Sciences Research And Innovation

Our life sciences clients are concerned with health, medicine and the biological sciences. They include a wide range of businesses dealing with a wide range of products, from lifesaving pharmaceuticals to medical imaging machines.

Because of the direct impact these products have on health and welfare, our clients often have a great deal of interaction with government and regulatory bodies. Health Canada, for example, may need to be shown that safety testing has been properly carried out, or that marketing strategies and labelling are compliant with all necessary regulations. Success may depend as much on the successful navigation of regulatory requirements as it does on the market.

Our professionals want to work with you to help bring your products to the market.

Our Life Sciences Clients

In large part, our work in these fields falls into four main categories:

  • Pharmaceuticals: These include prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Biotechnology: We help companies involved in medical, genetic and agribusiness research with their patenting and regulatory needs, ensuring compliance with the unique ethical and procedural needs that govern this field.
  • Medical devices: These include medical imaging devices, diagnostic instruments, surgical devices, and assistive devices and implants such as pacemakers and artificial joints.
  • Natural health products: Vitamins, health foods and other products regulated by Health Canada fall under this category.

Many other products and companies fall under this area of our practice, including food and beverage manufacturing and technological products used to enhance health and safety such as infant and athletic equipment.

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